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Due to his interest in spirituality from a young age, James journeyed to South Asia on a spiritual pilgrimage in 2007. After two years of extensive travel, he settled to live in one of India's most ancient and holy cities, Varanasi. In 2012, after three years of intensive study, James completed his post graduate degree in Indian Philosophy and Comparative Religion at Banaras Hindu University. His academic studies and personal sadhana has focused primarily on Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda and Tantric traditions, including extensive personal retreat and immersion into the esoteric teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and training with the Trika (Agama) school of Tantra Yoga in Rishikesh. He was initiated and given the spiritual name 'Gopala' whilst completing his Sivananda yoga training in the Himalayas in 2012. Gopala (Go-paa-la) is another name for Krishna.


James spent over 5 years of study and training in India. He is a Sivananda Hatha Yoga and Astanga Yoga teacher, as well as a Pilates teacher, Ayurvedic massage therapist and a Reiki master.

James provides in depth teaching of all aspects of yoga and its underlying philosophy. He has sound understanding of Pilates and physiology with 10 years of experience in Pilates. James has a keen interest in sports, travel and music and he plays the guitar, african drum and is a grade 8 pianist.

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